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About Samantha

  Samantha moved to Austin, Texas in 2012 from her home state of New York. Samantha received her education at Manhattanville College as well as Lee Strasberg Institute. Samantha studied under Phyllis Lynd, Seth Riggs, and Charles Mandrachhia and is currently a student of Gene Raymond, based in Austin.  Samantha is the US and Canadian National Anthem singer for the Texas Stars Hockey Team and she is a member of Rhythm Congress, a classic Rhythm and Blues band committed to keeping the old school soul music alive.

  Samantha is also a voice coach and is thrilled to spread her love of music to others while simultaneously teaching the superior vocal techniques that are used today by many of our successful recording artists! Samantha is married with 2 children and has 2 Great Danes.

‚ÄčRhythm Congress Band


Sept 27th,  Black Sparrow Music Parlor(8:00-11:00PM)

113 W. 2nd Street, Taylor, Texas 76573


National Anthem/Canadian Anthem-TBD

  • Star Spangled Banner1:51
  • O Canada1:14
  • Ave Maria4:33
  • At Last1:17
  • All of Me1:00
  • Angel1:51